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Child swimming toward toys
Tigger and Pooh make swimming to the steps fun for Jewels, age 20 months.
1.) National Registration Fee:
To register your child with ISR, a detailed online registration form, including information regarding medical history, must be completed. The ISR Registration link will be provided to you by Trisha. The ISR registration fee for new students is $105.00 and is paid thru Paypal or by credit card upon completing the online registration form. This fee covers the cost of the registration process which includes: screening for physical and developmental readiness of your child for ISR lessons. Once your registration is approved thru ISR you will receive a copy of the Parent Resource Guide. You will also receive a "Welcome" e-mail from ISR which will include approval for your child to begin ISR lessons, attachments that you will need to print out, sign and bring to your first lesson and as a "thank-you" you will receive a $5 coupon code toward a purchase from the ISRsealstore.

The ISR Update/Refresher fee for returning students is $35.00.

2.) Lesson Fee:
To secure your lesson time and tentative start date, a NON-refundable Administrative fee of $100 is paid through your child's unique PayPal link at the time of sign up on my scheduler. The standard weekly fee per student is $110. You will receive an invoice for your weekly lesson fees before Monday each week. You can pay your weekly lesson fees with cash at the pool or through your Paypal link. All PayPal payments will incur a small PayPal transaction fee. Lesson fees are due in full on Monday for that week regardless of absences or cancellations. All credits will be applied to your child's account on Friday and reflected on your invoice the following week.

**First Responder Discount offer: $10 off my weekly fee per student. Proof of position required. (Police/Fire/Rescue)

Information regarding absences or cancellations will be available at the time of registration.