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My husband Justin and I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with our daughter and two sons. I was introduced to Infant Swimming Resource by a friend after our older son, then 6 years old, fell into a pool we were visiting. Luckily, I was there to pull him out to safety. We enrolled our two sons in ISR lessons and quickly saw how wonderful this program was for both of them. We noticed they were much more confident, not only in the water, but in other aspects of their lives as well.

Child floating on back Morgan, age 15 months, is performing her float in the swim-float-swim sequence.

After several seasons of refresher lessons, and seeing other children learn these life-saving skills, I decided I had to be an active part of this program. I trained and became a Certified ISR Instructor in 2001. I have taught hundreds of children these life-saving skills and have met the requirements to become an ISR Master Instructor. In addition to teaching my students, I also mentor new instructors as we "reach the next baby before they reach the water alone".

In addition to being a Certified ISR Instructor, I am a Medical Assistant experienced in Pediatrics and I was a home daycare provider for 8 years. By far, being an ISR instructor is the most rewarding profession in which I have been involved.